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The links below may expose you to facts, opinions and/or values other than those of the "The Superkeen Network."  They may be wrong, misquoted, butchered, offensive, or vulgar (but probably not).  In the case of sites that are archived here, such as JHSnet, the pages are and shall remain static.  No updates, corrections, or apologies will be made to or for any content therein.

Yeggo Lifespan

Yeggo Lifespan (784KB download)

This is a small Shockwave "game" that chronicles the lives of the mythical Yeggo creatures.  You don't need any special software to run it, but it is PC only for right now.  It's over 1000 lines of Lingo code, meaning that the Yeggos' behaviors are fairly complex.  Try feeding them, punishing them, or turning them on!  Getting started is pretty self-explanatory, but the simulation itself is pretty complex, so I encourage you to play for a while, try moving different things around, and make the ones with different emotions interact with each other.  Have fun!

SRTV (Student Run Television at UCSD): 2003


This is a simple site design with a clear objective.  Since people will be coming to this site for very few reasons really, the design should be non-cluttered and each option should be as obvious as possible.  I also sketched the images and scanned them for a different look.  The searchable music video database (by Aaron Sheinbein) and the online broadcast is awesome.  I am typically quite busy managing SRTV, so making this a high-maintenance site was not part of the plan.  Ideally, future generations of web-savvy SRTV kids will be able to carry on this site with little difficulty.


ICAM102: 2002

Pumpkin Paul (450KB download)

This is a one-way trip from childhood into all the crazy things of the adult lifestyle.  The download is a Macromedia Director-produced Shockwave .EXE file.  It should hopefully work without incident on your computer, even if you don't have Director or even know what it is.

VA40: Introduction to Computing in (and?) the Arts: 2001

  • Project 1 (Turn off any Explorer Bars that might be active, such as the Favorites or History lists to the left.)
  • Project 2
  • Project 3 (Hit F11 to view full-screen... this is a MUST unless your resolution is 1152x864 or higher!)

Big Wood Adventures:2000

(archived version)

The live site remains untouched from how I left it, as far as I know.  The original layout was designed by a local ISP, with what appears to be a FrontPage "theme."  I went in after the fact and made the layout more consistent, added some content (esp. the photos), and generally cleaned the whole thing up.  Update:  This site is now offline.  You can still view my archive of it here, though.


Superkeen: 2000

(archived version)

SRTV used to have a web site before the current one, but it's been gone for a while now.  On that site was this single page, which was the first advertisement for the show Superkeen.  This is it.

The Jacob Family Web: 1999


Like Big Wood Adventures, this site remains almost exactly as I left it.  The server was changed and I have been removed from the contact form, but that's about it.  Oh, and the counter doesn't work any more.


JHSnet: 1997-1999

(incomplete archived version)

During my time as editor of the Jesuit High School web site, jhs.net was one of, if not the, best student-run high school site in the nation, and was recognized a number of times in the Sacramento Bee Web Awards.  The old site hosted here is almost exactly how it appeared on the last day of school before I graduated from Jesuit.  As you can tell, many images are missing from this copy... I'm trying to track them down.  I'm also working on fixing the broken links and finding newer versions of some of the pages.  The current design is completely different, and as of this year (2002) has more content on it than it's had since I left!