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Notes about SK Network Music Files:

To hear these files, you need an MP3 player that supports "VBR."  Don't know what that is?  Well, if it works, it doesn't matter.  Just about any new portable device, car player, or software player will work.


Mark Bertuldo: songs

Mark is undergoing classical training so that he can leave this all behind and be the next great composer.  Check the video section for an example of his work in film scoring.  

Anyone But Me (3 minutes 54 seconds)
An epic!  Clocking in at just under a whopping four minutes, this song rivals in length, and therefore quality, with the likes of Meatloaf's I'd Do Anything For Love" and other modern classics.  Seriously though, as if I'm funny otherwise, this is a great one.  It demonstrates Mark's sense of dynamic range and anticipation.  Just turn it up, and resist the temptation to mess with the volume!

Download: [ Hi-Fi MP3 (5.33MB) ]


Ramona [initial recording] (3 minutes 37 seconds)
Mellow Mark Music.  The man himself will have something to say about his new song eventually.

Download: [ Hi-Fi MP3 (4.79MB) ]


Get the Girl (Acoustic Demo) (3 minutes 30 seconds)
"Pretty self-explanatory...I like the harmonies in the middle (thanks, Mike W.)..."
     - Mark Bertuldo (October 23, 2001)

This song actually only took two days for Mark to record... a new record for him!  Some say it rivals his old hit "Miss Violet."  Decide for yourself (assuming of course that you've heard Miss Violet).  Anyhow, listen away!

Download: [ Hi-Fi MP3 (4.07MB) ]


Goodnight Kiss [rough cut] (3 minutes 27 seconds)
"This is a catchy little thing I wrote about a break-up.  The recording is okay, I guess."
     - Mark Bertuldo (April 7, 2001)

And it only took two and a half months!  This is the more polished of the two songs available thus far.  Download it!  Tell your friends and relatives!

Download: [ Hi Fi MP3 (4.80MB)]


Goodbye [rough cut] (3 minutes 4 seconds)
"This song is about all the times I wanted to say hello but couldn't.  I'm not entirely happy with the recording, plus it's not really complete.  But you can still listen to it if you want to."
     - Mark Bertuldo (April 7, 2001)
Don't mind Mark... he's a pessimist.  Listen to this song and like it, dammit!

Download: [ Hi Fi MP3 (3.67MB)]



Paul Blair: VIS 109

This upper-division visual arts class at UCSD focuses on sound production.  Putting these projects in the Music section is a stretch, but it makes more sense than putting them anywhere else.   

Franklin the Flying Weinerdog and the Train of Peril (3 minutes 4 seconds)
Inspired by short film serials (especially Superman) as well as the comedic nature of weinerdogs, "Franklin"  took only about an hour to put together, and it was most definitely time well spent.  All voices and sounds emanated from Paul Blair's mouth (impressive, eh?).

Download: [ Hi-Fi MP3 (3.30MB)]



Makka: "Last of the Mohicans" [extended first cut]

Started around a year ago, this remix took careful tweaking to get just right.  As the name implies, this is the first cut.  Makka may make a few more changes before releasing the single to the press.  Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 was used in conjunction with an external Roland Groove Box to give the song the clarity and punch it needed.  Take note: the song is over twelve minutes long, so the download is not for the faint of heart.

Download: [ MP3 (11.1MB) ]



Mark Bertuldo, Gerard Patawaran, and Mike Woodall: Live Acoustic Performance

Note: The levels on these recordings clip a LOT.  Be warned.

Originally, these three musicians were going to play only Weezer covers (and many of them) at a Sacramento party, but the police put an end to that pretty quickly.  "The law" doesn't like music, apparently.

In chronological order...  


Dr. Blue: "Superkeen" theme

"I wanted to write a song that would somehow unite all peoples of the world and teach humanity the values of peace and love.  Afterwards I wrote this piece of crap."
     - Dr. Blue (April 7, 2001)
Written as the theme song for then-named "Inflatable TV," the song "Superkeen" caught the ears of many a student via SRTV, the student-run television station on campus.  In fact, the show's name was changed to "Superkeen" because it would be more consistent and, well, it was just a cooler name for a show.  The video for this song is also available for viewing.

Download: [ MP3 (1.16MB) | Hi-Fi MP3 (1.51MB)]